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We must keep moving forward

and continue to do better. 

I grew up in a family that served others. As a fire fighter my dad ran into burning homes to save lives.  As a social worker my mom went into homes to ensure families could put food on the table, had access to medical care and a roof over their heads.  Too many families are dealing with housing insecurity, lead contaminated water, substandard schools and little to know job prospects. I ran because I believe people deserve better opportunities,  affordable auto insurance, safer communities and a real investment in our neighborhoods. 


Fundamentally I know results matter.  My first week in office GM announced the closure of the Poletown plant.  Under the advice and guidance of Mayor Archer and Senator Levin I organized a series of meetings with GM, MEDC, DEGC, the city of Hamtramck and Detroit to plan for the next product line.  It was a long road but when others were on twitter decrying GM, I was meeting with them and economic development professionals to lay the foundation for Factory Zero.  I’m proud of the work we’ve done to further invest in our ability to secure the battery factories with a generational investment in the Auto Industry.

I represent a community that needs things from state government and as an appropriator its my job to deliver.  I consistently bring home the support to fund the programs and organization in Detroit like Focus Hope, Goodwill Industries Flip the Script, The Motown Museum, Detroit Public Schools, Michigan Minority Supplier and Development Council and a host of other entities and organizations that make lives better on a daily basis.


I have introduced legislation to invest $200 million dollars into removing lead pipes, $180 million for the Detroit Public Schools Community District Right to Literacy settlement, $300million to establish a black equity fund . 


I’m extremely proud of the work I have been able to do in advocating for paternity leave, child care and basic human rights.  As a cis gendered, heterosexual Black man I am wholly committed to the protection of trans women of color and proud to have sponsored legislation to give them hate crime protections.  The list of things left to do is long, but together we can continue to do better. 

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