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Adam on the Issues


My first day in office, the Hamtramck Auto plant was slated to close. That plant is now Factory Zero, creating the cars of the future and the jobs of today! I will keep supporting the ingenuity and grit of Detroit that continues to make us the economic engine of the world. 


Jobs and the Economy


No one should have to worry about lead in their water.

I introduced a bill to create a lead task force and budget

$200 million to remove lead pipes in Michigan particularly
in Hamtramck.


Clean Water


When Detroiters felt unsafe due to non-working streetlights I helped establish the public lighting authority that installed over 65,000 new LED lights.


Public Safety


For Detroit to grow, we need a mass transit system worthy of a world class city. I will continue
to fight for reliable, affordable, and accessible transit within Metro Detroit and linking to
its surrounding areas.




I am committed to supporting women’s issues as an elected official I have and will always support a women’s right to choose, demand equal pay for equal work, and strive to close the close the maternal health gap for black and brown women. 


Womens' Issues


Every child deserves access to a high-quality public education. We must help create the next generation of planners, builders, and leaders. 




As a soldier, I have taken an oath to defend this country. I know the responsibility that comes with the opportunity that is America. I will always defend our nation so that the generations after me have the same opportunities that I have been given by this country. 


National Security

Confident Businesswoman

I’ve worked to increase funding for the Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council and make more funding sources available for Black business investments, particularly in housing/real estate projects. 


Small Business Investment

Construction Workers

I’ve worked hard in Lansing to incorporate the ALICE rate for families. I’ll continue to work to ensure every job pays more than just $15, but pays a living wage.


Living Wage

House Hunt

With homeownership as a foundation for wealth building,
I’m fighting to get every family
access to fair mortgages and appraisals, regardless of race.

We must also provide rental assistance to families who need it, while ensuring housing is safe.




I will always follow the science and advocate for the resources needed for Michiganders to get beyond this virus. Resources must be made available to our medical professionals, free testing and vaccinations must remain available to all residents. I will continue to support our small businesses and our residents as they adapt to a post covid Michigan.




I am a son, husband, father and solider in the United States Army. Honor service and integrity are ingrained in my DNA. I will continue to serve with transparency, honesty and continue to hold the utmost respect for the office I have
the privilege to hold. 


Integrity in Leadership

Father and Son

With an avg. annual cost of $10k, childcare is the #1 barrier for returning to work during the pandemic. We must also address the gender pay gap, which makes it even harder for women to manage work & family. I strongly support paternity leave, so every parent can bond during the early part of their child’s life.


Family Agenda


As a proud US Army officer, I am committed to getting Veterans the resources they have earned in service to our country. As a Senator, I have introduced legislation to establish Detroit’s first home for veterans.


Veterans' Affairs

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