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Every child deserves access to a high-quality public education. To say there are disparities in the quality of education throughout the 13th District is an understatement. I will work to make sure every child from Allen Park, through Detroit, all the way to Harper Woods has access to quality education in their community. In fact, I led on legislation in the State Senate that got $94.4 million in funding to the Detroit Public Schools Community District.

We must help create the next generation of planners, builders, and leaders. Education is the best path towards a better life and the disparity starts in Pre-K. I’m committed to fully funding free all-day pre-k, community college and four-year public Universities for families making under $125,000. We must provide access for people to and that includes student loan debt relief for people who work in the public sector as teachers, nurses, Soldiers and for non-profits.

President Biden made a promise on the campaign trail to cancel $10,000 of student loans per person, and he needs to fulfill that promise. This is something we can fix, and I plan to urge the President to cancel student loan debt. The GI bill gave people who served an opportunity at an education, and we need to do the same thing for a new generation willing to serve domestically.

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