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With homeownership as a foundation for wealth building, I’m fighting to get every family access to fair mortgages and appraisals, regardless of race. We must also provide rental assistance to families who need it, while ensuring housing is safe.

None of the other issues are important if the people who live here can’t afford to buy a house and plant long lasting roots in their community. We know home ownership contributes to generational wealth, and many of the people in Detroit and surrounding areas have been denied that dream for a long time. When I get to Congress, I will work to make sure that everyone who wants to buy a home can do just that.

Safe and secure housing is the foundation for everything you do, have or don’t have. Federal housing policy makes a huge difference in this space - changes to FHA loans, and policies at the Department of Housing and Urban Development will be critical in making affordable, quality housing a reality for all Americans.

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