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LGBTQ+ Rights & Equality

I believe in centering policy around the most marginalized community which is why I’ve taken the lead to protect Trans women of color introducing hate crimes legislation and serving as a plaintiff in Fair and Equal’s legal challenge to get on the ballot. For too long, Trans women of color have been indiscriminately murdered, and people have been unwilling to acknowledge the impact it has on the Trans community. I have advocated for securing additional funding for the Ruth Ellis Clairmount Center, a new permanent supported housing project just a block from my childhood home. In Congress, I will fight to ensure all LGBTQ people can feel safe in living their lives free of discrimination in housing, work and before the justice system. I look forward to working with Congressman Ritchie Torres, a tireless advocate for providing housing to LGBTQ youth facing housing instability. He’s committed to passing the Equality Act so LGBTQ+ Americans no longer face a hostile judiciary seeking to roll back the hard fought rights acquired through protest, struggle and the lives of too many community members.

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