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Living Wage

One job should be enough to put a roof over your head, food on the table and gas in the car. Too many Wayne County residents are struggling. We must make housing affordable for families, seniors and hard working people trying to make ends meet.

As the father of two little kids in daycare I know first hand how critical it is to decrease the cost of daycare, expand access to child care credits and stabilize child care providers through tax incentives and increased reimbursement rates. I will continue the work I’ve started at the state level to pass paid paternity leave, and ensure everyone has adequate paid leave.

As a State Senator I have served on the Governor’s Poverty Task force where I have worked on solutions to create opportunities to rise above poverty, but our social safety net is broken. The system is not designed to give you a way out of poverty and I’m committed to changing it by increasing the child tax credit, eliminating the federal benefits cliffs and fighting for strong union protections like the PRO ACT. We know that all working people are better off with strong unions and that’s the only path to $15 minimum wage that is indexed to inflation.

I’m endorsed by many unions, like AFSCME, SEIU MI Healthcare, and UNITE HERE! And have proudly joined them on the picket lines in support of working people.

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