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National Security & Foreign Policy

As a soldier, I have taken an oath to defend this country. I know the responsibility that comes with the opportunity that is America. I will always defend our nation so that the generations after me have the same opportunities that I have been given by this country.

I also understand that when a nation threatens the US or its allies, as a country we have an obligation to get involved. Regarding the Russian invasion of Ukraine, I stand with Ukraine and also with the many refugees whose lives have been upended by this foolish act of war. I believe all refugees, from any country, seeking asylum from a negative situation should be welcome in America.

When it comes to my views on the Middle East, the existence of Israel is not up for discussion. It must exist. Israel is one of our nation’s strongest allies. I am hopeful one day that the Israelis and Palestineans will peacefully come together to create a two-state solution. It is my experience that Jewish and black communities stand together on civil rights issues in our country, and as attacks on both communities continue to arise, that support must be further solidified. You can read my full position paper on Israel here.

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