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For Detroit to grow, we need a mass transit system worthy of a world class city. I will continue to fight for reliable, affordable, and accessible transit within Metro Detroit and linking to its surrounding areas.

The need for updated infrastructure is clear, past public transit and including our roads and bridges. We saw it in the Grosse Pointe Communities, in Jefferson Chalmers, and across Metro Detroit Highways - due to flooding and fading infrastructure, last summer’s floods got the best of us. As a Member of Congress, I’ll work together with state, regional, county and city level officials on the best path forward that limits damage and increases infrastructure support in all of our communities.

The federal government should completely fund the infrastructure for the electric vehicle future, the same way the Eisenhower Highway System was funded. This is an issue of national defense - we need to be able to move goods and services in a resilient way that supports the onrolling of electric and autonomous vehicles.

We need smart data access and better connectivity - charging stations, wifi and other protections that will keep our country resistant to cyber warfare. We need to build a new electric grid and the electric vehicle conversation is a great place to start that process. Electric is our future, and especially in Michigan, we’ve got to make sure all of our existing systems and infrastructure can support electric vehicles.

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