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Women's Rights

I am committed to supporting women’s issues as an elected official, and I have and will always support a women’s right to choose, demand equal pay for equal work, and strive to close the maternal health gap for black and brown women.

Congress must protect a woman’s right to a safe abortion. Before Roe v. Wade, we saw very unsafe procedures, and women risking their lives to get the basic health care they needed to survive. Abortion access should be treated the same way we treat access to routine medical procedures, and insurance, including medicare and medicaid, should cover it the same way insurance covers other necessarily medical procedures. Abortion access should not be politicized - we need to treat it the same way we treat all other maternal health issues. We have a maternal health crisis in this country - and all women deserve agency over their own bodies. We should live in a country with a system that is designed to protect women, not leave them at risk.

Her body, her choice - it is that simple. Working to protect reproductive rights in Michigan has been a priority of mine ever since I’ve been in the State Senate. We know what is about to happen and when I get to Congress, I will work to make sure we codify Roe and protect the right to choose.

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